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03.november: WBW # 3: Australian Shiraz

Yippee! It's that time again! Time to indulge (and imbibe) in Lenn's
creation (a take-off of Alberto's luscious IMBB events), the third
installment of the ever-popular Wine Blogging Wednesday, or WBW. This
month's vintage is hosted by none other than Viv of Seattle Bon Vivant.
The theme this month: Australian Shiraz. First in my heart, for sentimental
reasons (they were the first wines I ever really drank...not counting of
course the fine California wines my mom allowed us to sip at the dinner
table when I was way under the legal age) and always first choice if someone is running to the LCBO to grab a bottle for one reason or another.

I stopped by the LCBO on my way home from work on Sunday and was hoping to get a bottle of Little Penguin Shiraz. Nope...no such luck -- all they had from that cute vintner was a merlot (which would have worked well for the first WBW... but that's a different story. So I choose a wine I'd never tried -- why not be just a bit daring this time around?

Woolpunda Red Block 2002 Shiraz (by the Thompson Family) from South Australia.

Deep, dark, cranberry colour with no cloudiness. When the light shines through it it is this absolute gorgeous colour -- the colour my hair was when I was about 21...I was stopped on the street by strangers on an almost daily basis with the comment "Your hair is gorgeous" an unnatural colour for hair, but a glorious one for wine.

I sniffed, my nose buried deep in the bowl of the glass. There was something familiar in those cranberry depths. I handed the glass to S. and told him "smell and tell me what you think". He said (and I am not kidding): "SHIPWRECKS". Um....well. Okay. But I smelled something a little more familiar and much sweeter than that. I could smell vanilla. At first I thought it might be my own perfume or my hands or something and so I washed my hands and smelled a glass of water. No vanilla. I smelled the wine again and it was most definitely there; my all-time favourite smell of vanilla pods. Not the sticky, sickly sweet smell of cookies or candy, mind you -- the robust, almost musky smell of real vanilla. Oh my...I love that.

Taste: one word, really: SMOOTH. I know most people don't enjoy wines that don't have one specific taste or another, or that don't have some sort of bite or aftertaste. I happen to like a wine that doesn't linger on my palate and this one definitely fits that requirement. It's light, for a red and almost (I said almost!) refreshing...surprisingly enough for something is supposed to be paired with red meat (according to the label on the bottle).

Another thing about this wine -- it tasted great with the pastrami panini sandwiches we had for dinner...and it tasted great alongside the Rolo ice cream I indulged in for dessert...wine and chocolate are not enemies any longer!

The producer has a short, concise wine-tasting note on their site and I honestly think someone missed the boat a little...but who am I? An amateur. Oh well. All I know is this wine, whether anyone else considers it good or bad is now being officially added to my list of new favourites. I'm glad I reached out and chose a wine I'd never tried before...that's what this is about, no?