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06.september: here we go again!

Okay, call me a bandwagon jumper, a follower, an unoriginal hack. Call me what you will, but I'm going to make this proposal regardless.. you can't stop me.

We've all jumped into, enjoyed and experimented with Alberto's IMBB themes ...September's being a great idea, I think: Cooking with wine and spirits (hosted by Donna of There's a Chef in My Kitchen). And some of us indulged and imbibed in honor of Lenn's WWWBD when it recently got off to it's rather auspicious (and delicious!) start (and yes, I drank the wrong wine, sue me!). But, what about yet another spin off? Can we do it? Can we really stretch our culinary legs and crack our dietary knuckles and hunker down in the kitchen one more time each month and work together on one day?

Can we??

I think we can (or I wouldn't be writing this, now would I?). I think we can get out our pans and pre-heat our ovens, or clear space in our freezers and fridges for -- drum roll, please -- Sugar High Fridays. We could kick it off on Friday, October 1st (who doesn't love desserts on a Friday?), when the very first one, participants not withstanding, would be held.

Who's in? Who thinks they're up to the challenge? Cook, bake, mold, freeze, chill, pull together in some cooking-like fashion -- a dessert. Perhaps with a different ingredient or theme each month (fruit, chocolate, sugar-free or low-fat, inherited recipes or copies of commercially produced desserts (who wouldn't want to know how to make Krispy Kreme doughnuts?!?). Puddings, pies, cakes, cookies, fruit- or sugar-laden, even perhaps your favourite cheese course that counts as a dessert course could be discussed. Celebratory desserts, home-spun desserts, dessert recipes that have passed through generations of your family or a new funky dessert you tried once in a restaurant and have been dying to find an excuse to try to make.

Let me know who would be interested and we'll see where it goes. If there are enough people interested I'll post the official rules and regulations in a week or so.