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21.september: sugar high fridays: the international sweet-tooth blogging extravaganza!

I swear, the names for the IMBB spin-offs get more and more complicated and round-about every time we spin. Perhaps this is due in part, to all the
spinning? Or maybe the theme of the latest IMBB - hosted by Donna of There's a Chef in My Kitchen - Raise your Spirits High?!?

For the inaugural installment of "SHF:ISTBE" (heh), I thought the ingredient or theme of white chocolate would be interesting. A bit finicky, sometimes slightly thorny to work with and somewhat different than actual chocolate; it suits those of us crazy enough to commit to yet another monthly blogging escapade to a T.

A few facts about our star ingredient: although there is not yet a formal
definition, white chocolate contains cocoa butter but no non-fat cocoa
solids. Mostly used as a coating, it contains sugar, cocoa butter, milk
solids and flavorings. It is not actually "chocolate" since no chocolate
solids other than cocoa butter are present. It possesses a sweet, milky
dairy flavor with the merest hint of chocolate from the cocoa butter. Its
color can range from pure white to yellow-white and is used for candy bars; baking chips and bakery coatings.

The rules and regulations: really, anything goes: your favourite dessert
that revolves around or highlights the specified ingredient: (as mentioned) white chocolate. An individual creation, a recipe you have always wanted to try but never have... and old stand by that company loves and raves about every time you make it. Even a recipe you have already posted...whatever tickles your imagination. Use white chocolate in a recipe for a dessert.

When you post on October 1st, email me a link and I'll write a wrap-up on
the 2nd, or at the absolute latest on the 3rd; I might be nursing my own white chocolate hangover.

And remember all are welcome - experienced and inexperienced pastry chefs, bakers and non-bakers, those with blogs or without! Lets all get on a sugar high together! And of course, if you have any secrets for overcoming sugar/chocolate hangovers, please feel free to provide these as well!