Hitting the Spot

Never one to need an excuse to indulge in a little bit of comfort food, I really, truly deserved some last night. Actually, what I was honestly worthy of last night was a husband without his nose buried in a book and two essays to make me dinner, but let’s not get into that right now. Where was I? Oh yes, comfort food. I needed it badly last night.

You see, we have very nice stairs in our lovely, slightly run-down 100 year-old house. They are oak and nicely polished. They’re a bit narrow but no one has yet to fall down them so we continue to put off covering them with carpet for the time being. I like our stairs, but someday someone is going to really hurt themselves falling down them.

Yesterday in the mid-afternoon Leith and I were getting ready to head out to visit my parents. I was busily gathering the necessities (diaper, pajamas, sweaters, sippy cups) and attempted to hurry past Leith on the stairs so I would be in front of him on descent. I’m not sure why but I still like to hold his hand or walk close to him on the stairs, even though he is always very careful and very steady on his feet these days.

Of course, I have no idea from whom he inherited those steady feet because I am a certifiable klutz. I fall all the time and am always sporting one if not a few lovely, eggplant-coloured bruises. I fall going up the stairs. I fall when walking across flat floors. I have even been known to fall when standing still. So why do I tempt fate and rush up or down our precarious stairs in slippery socks?

I won’t go into the gory details but I think I have bruises in places that most people never even thought that they could get bruises. I have a few scraped knuckles and a very, very sore bum. Today, walking was difficult, bending was painful and sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time was excruciating.

Needless to say, some comfort food was in order last night. After Leith went to bed I managed to stand up in the kitchen just long enough to make some truly delicious corn cakes. They hit the spot, and trust me, I know all about hitting since yesterday.