No More Sticky Fingers

Those who know me well know I am a huge tea drinker. Actually, just about any hot beverage appeals to me, but tea seems to be at the top of my list lately. I used to be a chronic java addict, but I tried to give up coffee last summer while in the hospital (not a difficult task when the coffee is as bad as it is in there). It stuck for a while but these days I find a cup of coffee every now and then is a lovely indulgence.

A nice hot cup of tea first thing in the morning (before breakfast, before showering, before talking to anyone about anything) is a necessity. A pleasant cup of herbal tea with honey is my usual way to end any day – especially any difficult day. Lately I have even been caught carrying around tea bags in my pockets or my purse, just on the off chance that I happen to encounter a situation that constitutes a “tea emergency”.

Until recently however I have also unfortunately been caught with ripped or ripping sugar packets or leaky (“stolen”) miniature hotel honey jars in my pockets or purse. How do you explain the dripping of unctuous golden fluid from the cell phone pocket of your purse? Or the strangely sweet white powder that flies out of your sons diaper bag every time you open it…?

Well now I don’t need to. I have found the solution to tea-on-the-go: honey-on-the-go. This ingenious new product has saved me from grubby packages of sugar at the bottom of my purse and sticky fingers from carrying around small jars of honey all the time.

Honibe (a Canadian company) is pleased to introduce the Honey Drop, the world’s first pure, non-sticky honey that you can hold. It dissolves quickly in a cup of tea and you can even crush it up in its solid state and sprinkle it on ice cream, pudding, cereal or cookies warm from the oven. It is even good enough to suck on right from the package – how do you think I managed through this winter without a sore throat?

By the way, I have also found a great place to get delicious herbal teas online at Language of the Leaf (another Canadian company). With exotic and evocative names like Casablanca Jasmine, Queen of Siam, Goddess of Mercy and Fruit Monkey you can’t help but try out new flavours each time you order.