Interviewed by Catherine Jheon of The Food Network Canada Food for Thought Blog, 27 February 2007, “Blogger Spotlight: The Domestic Goddess”.

“It’s hard not to get sucked into Jennifer’s life when reading her blog. It’s as much about her as it is about food. Having read about her marriage, her pregnancy and the prolonged hospital stay following the birth of her son, I felt like I was meeting an old friend, despite the fact we’ve never met.”

Featured in The Florida Herald Tribune, 15 November 2006, “Deep in Chocolate for a Sugar High” and “Sugar High Friday has Blogger Deep in Sweets”.

“It’s not Friday, but the cooking is for Sugar High Fridays, a dessert-focused food-blogging event created by Jennifer of the blog The Domestic Goddess. “I wanted something that would inspire not only me to bake more but would also encourage those whose blogs I had come to read on a regular basis,” Jennifer said, adding: “I guess I also wanted to have yet another way to expand my resources for sweet treats.”

Featured in The Morning Call, 28 April 2006, “A Food Blog With Stories as Sweet as the Recipes”.

“The blog’s design is fresh, the food photos are scrumptious, and the dessert-focused recipes are simple to understand. But it’s the Goddess’s ability to tie any subject from her personal life to food that makes her blog such a treat to read. A rant about inconsiderate new neighbors, for example, becomes an object lesson on the calming power of fudge cookies, complete with accompanying recipe…”

Invited to be a judge for 2006 Independent Food Festival & Awards, March 2006.

“Last year, 30 of the top food bloggers on the internet simultaneously posted the results of the first every Independent Food Festival and Awards. The 2006 edition is even bigger with almost 50 bloggers participating and the awards being posted over a 5 day period from March 6 – March 10. The festival is being held “virtually” on the internet. Over the past couple of months the awards jury was formed out of some of the most consistent and high quality food bloggers on the internet today…”

Featured in Best Food Writing 2005 by Holly Hughes.

“The gorgeous stalks of asparagus jumped out at me at the market. Standing there among their friends, waiting to go home with someone who’d love them, someone who’d take care of them and not simply allow them to rot in a darkened vegetable drawer. They whispered sweet nothings in my ear and promised me thoughts and tastes of spring when I carefully picked them up and placed them in my shopping basket. I didn’t know how I was going to cook them at the time but I knew they would be delicious – I mean how could they not be?”

Featured on Christine Cushing: Cook With Me, Episode #1012: Salty N Sweet, first broadcast on Food Network Canada, 20 Ocotober 2005.

Featured in The Vancouver Sun, 2 July 2005, “Blog Report”.

“Foodie and food blogger Jennifer attempts to define Canada according to taste on her blog, ‘It’s certainly not all beer and back bacon,” she writes. ‘It’s not all Niagara wines and Quebec cheese, either.’ For this Canada Day, she’s inviting readers and fellow bloggers to post their favourite Canadian recipes…”

Featured on CKOM 650 AM radio, 16 June 2005, John Gormley Live.

Listen to the full interview (10 minutes, 2.4 mb).

Featured in The Globe & Mail, 11 June 2005, “Delicious Dot-com”.

“It is the interaction and intimate exchange among earnest epicures that spurs Jennifer Hamilton, the Toronto nurse and passionate baker behind The Domestic Goddess. Hamilton frequently swaps recipes and hints with fellow foodies in France, Australia and Singapore. When she was planning her wedding day menu last year, fellow bloggers chimed in with support and suggestions for everything from hors d’oeuvres to wine pairings. “I probably know a lot of these people better than the people I work with,” she says.

Featured in Digital Dish, published by Press for Change, May 2005.

Invited to be a judge for The 2005 Independent Food Festival & Awards, March 2005.

Featured in The Hamilton Spectator, 26 February 2005, “Mind-bloggling”.

“Everything about The Domestic Goddess’s ( food blog makes you want to rush into the kitchen and pull out the flour and a mixing bowl. The clean, spare design. The sumptuous-looking photographs of freshly-baked treats. The tempting recipes and anecdotes about food intersecting with life.”

Selected as Winner, Paper Chef, January 2005 for Lemon Chicken Rolls.

Selected as Winner, Best Post, 2004 Food Blog Awards for the entry from 4 December 2004: How to Suck Up…101.