What a Boy Wants

My son is hardly what one would call a "finicky eater". He will eat just about anything – as long as it is served to him at room temperature. Any warmer than that and he says "hoooot" and allows the food to slide out of his mouth. He also gives me this look like "mom, you should not feed a small child food that will burn his mouth". It’s not like I feed him hot food…just warm food that he deems to be too hot. The kid also takes cold showers and giggles when the cold winter wind blows fiercely in his face. So he’s a bit strange.

But he’s a great eater. He doesn’t turn his nose up at much at all. He loves vegetables and often eats them first or second from his plate. He’s a huge fan of all things milk-based (yogurt, cheese, milk, cream cheese…) and knows the word for milk in both English and Arabic. He also likes meats (chicken, beef, fish, lamb) a lot and even indulged in a wee piece of mama’s steak at dinner recently. Spicy isn’t even an issue for him – he plowed through some rather spicy salsa this past weekend, dipping more of his fingers into it than the few corn chip pieces we allowed him.

Pasta however might just be his favourite dish and I try to make it for him as often as I can. He is a huge fan of his mom’s lasagna, and her spaghetti and meatballs. I wasn’t sure I would be able to get him to chow down on pasta in a cream sauce (he is very much partial to tomato sauce)…that is until I tried this recipe on him. He gobbled it up in seconds and the word from his mouth when it was gone? "MAW peashe"…which is Leithy-speak for "more, please". Two words I don’t think I’ll ever hear enough of.

The only thing Leith loves more than food is Thomas-the-Train…as you can see in these pictures my brother took over Christmas.