I did not find myself in the Holiday mood this year at all. I’m not sure where my "spirit" went, but I think it decided to hibernate in the beginning of November and simply forgot to wake up in the end of December. Probably a good thing too, since it more likely than not would have awoken a bristling, grumpy tired bear of emotion that no one needs to encounter this time of year.

Work has been crazy-busy, home has been crazy-busy and life in general has been…you guessed it, crazy-busy. By the time I have tucked Leith into bed, read him a story, brought him water, rearranged his pillows, tucked him in again, gotten him books to read in bed, taken him to the bathroom, tucked him in again and finally said good-night to him (not that I won’t see him again that night, as he has been migrating to my bed in the middle of the night lately), I’m too tired to venture into the kitchen to bake sweet treats. I think that is probably why it never felt like Holiday-time to me this year; not nearly enough sweet-treat-making going on in this Goddess’s kitchen.

On one of those busy nights after all the tucking and good-nighting was completed, I just couldn’t bring myself to go to bed. I wasn’t tired and I didn’t want to watch television. There were no good books waiting for me on my nightstand (not sure where they went, since I never did finish any of them) and for the first night in weeks I hadn’t brought any work home with me. I was alone and in need of comfort…I ventured into the kitchen.

Looking into my cupboards I instantly knew what I wanted to make. I had been thinking about this recipe for a few weeks – every time I went to Starbucks they were staring me in the face, begging to be bought. I had split one with a co-worker the week before and was determined to make a tray of them at home. The Cranberry Bliss Bar is now one of my favourites. Sweet, tart, delicious; a hybrid of a cookie and a cake, with scrumptious cream cheese frosting – the perfect Holiday treat. And by the way, so super simple to make you’ll never spend your life savings buying them from Starbucks again.

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And…by the way, all of a sudden, I have no host for SHF, January 2010. If anyone wants to host, please let me know!!