Layers and Layers

In my life I have been extremely fortunate to have had some truly incredible friends. I can list them all by name and tell you in minute detail why they were so incredible if you want me to, but I don’t think you need me to do that. These amazing people have touched my life and my heart in ways I will undoubtedly never be capable of repaying.

Friendships, to me, are not fly-by-night episodes, fraught with emotional upheaval, nor are they long, drawn-out, to-be-continued soap operas wherein you never completely understand anyone’s motives or why so-and-so married her brother. The few really truly amazing friendships I have had in my life were calm and interesting; they were filled with laughter and pain and then laughter again. We both did something for the other person that they couldn’t get elsewhere. The friendships were important and strong and of course, each person tucked themselves inside the heart of the other quite comfortably.

So many people liken friendship or relationships to an onion. I’ve never quite identified with or stood behind this analogy. An onion, while it can be tasty when cooked and can lend distinct flavour to almost any savoury dish, it just isn’t as airy, or as palatable as most good friendships are. While a friendship or relationship might peel away in a million layers (“mille-feuilles”), the layers of an onion are not fragile, delightful, and sweet like these puff pastry beauties.

These chocolate turnovers are as delicious as they are flaky — one bite will remind you of the sweetness of the perfect friendship. The chocolate is the love and the pastry is the flaky, difficult to manage crust that encases it.

Recipe: Simple Chocolate Turnovers