Leisurely Breakfast

Now that I am back at work weekends are so much more important to me. Those extremely short two days (whatever happened to the thought of a hour-day work week??) are when I get to spend REAL time with Leith and S. It is when I can relax a bit, rather than just buzzing around, attempting to get out the door as I tend to do on week day mornings. Weekends are spent doing all the household tasks that pile up during the week like laundry and vacuuming and gardening (now that it is *almost* warm enough!). Saturday and Sunday are the only days I really get to cook and bake because I’m simply too tired to do so when I get home from work. Weekends are so much more busy now, but that goes without saying I suppose.

Because our Sunday mornings can be pretty laid back (we tend not to get out of the house much before Leith gets up from his nap at 1pm!) I try to treat Leith and S. (and myself) to a nice, leisurely breakfast. Sometimes it is French Toast, other times it is Fruit-Filled Pancakes…whatever we eat it’s delicious and much more of a treat than the toast or cereal or apple-on-the-run that tends to be our speedy weekday fare.

Lately I have been on an apple kick. I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve been eating one everyday (let’s hope it keeps the doctor away!) and I have been wanting to make lots of apple dishes as well. The recent Apple Cake was so good I went out and bought a huge 10 pound bag of apples and everyday I am dreaming up more and more apple desserts and snacks for us. If you have a favourite apple recipe, please do let me know about it – I can always use more!