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I love this simple and beautiful pedestal. The edges of this earthenware stand are gently scalloped and punctuated with antique-style raised beading. A lovely stage for a freshly baked frittata or decadent dessert, it’s a graceful centerpiece for my table.

The classic French tapered rolling pin, ideal for pastries, cookies, pies and marzipan. Its diameter and weight allow you to thin dough more effectively than one with handles and ball bearings. [WILLIAMS SONOMA, GOLDA'S KITCHEN and more...]

WILTON Tart/Quiche Pan 11" - French pastry chefs rely on classic fluted pans like this to create attractive tarts with tender, golden crusts. This pan is so versitile -- I've used it for quiche, pastry and a tart I made on New Year's Eve for my parents...all turned out absolutely perfect! [WILLIAMS SONOMA, KITCHEN STUFF PLUS and more...]

I already have this, but go ahead and check out the many other goodies I'm lusting after on my Amazon.com Wish List.

This cookbook is really quite lovely; nice pictures and some fabulous recipes from the master (naked) chef. There's one in particular that I watched him make and am definitely going to try -- "Poached Fillet Steak with Celiarac Puree" Yum."A confidence-inspiring charmer, Oliver constantly reminds us that cooking should be fun" -- Food & Wine [CHAPTERS-INDIGO]

This multi-function mixer does it all -- mixing, beating, whipping, kneading; everything from egg whites to heavy bread dough. The strong, 325-watt motor delivers the power to handle the heaviest mixtures and mix even large batches easily.My mom got me this exact one for Christmas and I've used it for everything from dips to pastry to cake to icing...I love it! [GOLDA'S KITCHEN]

This was a Christmas gift from S., who searched the city for the perfect wine carafe. This decanter’s broad base lets red wine breathe properly. Also useful for serving white wine, it's hand blown in Romania with a flared lip for pouring. It holds a 750-ml. bottle of wine. [POTTERY BARN]


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