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29.october: IMBB # 10: Cookie Swap

Since anyone who is anyone already knows what the monthly event "Is My Blog Burning" is, I'll get straight to the point. I just happen to be hosting it for November and I'm so excited. I got on the IMBB train way back in April during Renee's hosting of the Cake Walk and haven't missed an episode yet. I have really enjoyed coming up with recipes each month that fit a particular ingredient or theme...and quickly asked Alberto if he would allow me the honor of hosting it at some point. Well, that time has come and I'm here to tell you to get out those baking sheets, the Domestic Goddess wants everyone to participate in her holiday Cookie Swap!

"How very Martha Stewart of you" I hear? Well, yes. And in light of the fact
that one of my favourite kitchen mavens is incarcerated at the moment, let us all put wooden spoon to batter, whisk to ingredients and cookie dough to cookie sheet in a holiday baking extravaganza! I challenge, cajole, plead and invite you to participate with your favourite cookie recipe(s). Heck, include a holiday anecdote or the story of where the recipe came from...most of all, enjoy the process as well as the product.

I'm really looking forward to the round-up the next day: bundles of
scrumptious cookies-in every flavour and shape - a pre-holiday holiday in
itself! We all love them, we all like to eat them and give them as gifts,
but who has the time to gather more than a recipe or two during the busy
holiday season? You try juggling the holiday season's many social events,
scary and stressful shopping trips, messy and confusing wrapping of presents (whose gift was this? Jasmine's?) and decorating the house...and get all the delicious baking and cooking done at the same time! My solution? Host an IMBB-version of the old-fashioned cookie swap.

The idea is really quite simple: Invite a group of internet-based friends
(that's you!), and have each person make enough of one kind of cookie to
share. At the party/round-up, you sample the treats, then trade recipes. Everyone leaves with plenty of new recipes for themselves to bake for the holidays! We're certain to end up with a delightful mix. Give it a try. It might be the start of a very sweet tradition.

Remember: any and all bloggers...or readers of blogs...or complete
strangers without blogs (!) are welcome to take part, whether they regularly blog about food or not. The theme is "Holiday Cookies". The IMBB day for this edition is Sunday November 21st, 2004. The cookies don't have to be made on IMBB day, but your entry should be posted on that day. Share the recipe for your cookie(s), and try to include a picture too if at all possible, we would all love to see what they look like! Once your entry is posted, please email me with a link to it : I will include it in a post that lists all of the participants.
Any questions, comments, or suggestions are more than welcome!

... um, are you really still here? I'm sorry, but don't you have a huge
batch of cookies to bake? Come on! Get baking!