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18.march: SHF# 6 - caramel

When I thought proposed the idea of Sugar High Fridays way back in September of last year I honestly never thought it would catch on. I had been thinking about this idea of a monthly IMBB-type of "event" focusing on desserts for some time (since April if I recall correctly) and finally got up the courage to propose it when Lenn proposed Wine Blogging Wednesdays. I guess I figured that if bloggers could write once a month about wine they could write once a month about desserts. I just wanted to say a small thank you to everyone out there who has hosted, taken part in, enjoyed and promoted SHF...so far it's been a lot of fun.

What have we done so far? First there was white chocolate and then apples (both hosted by me). Next up were desserts made with cardamom, nutmeg and all spice, hosted by Zarah. SHF #4 came to us via Viv and drove us all nuts. Number 5 came along in February and Clement ordered up layers and layers for us to do battle with. And now Sugar High Fridays are upon us once again...and this time we've landed ourselves in a bit of a sticky situation and making desserts with caramel with Debbie's encouragement.

Caramel is one of those flavours and smells that brings back fond memories for me. Caramel sauce on ice cream, dulce de leche tarts, caramel corn, butterscotch or caramel pudding...even those little cellophane-wrapped Kraft caramels that my mom always gives out at Halloween are music to my mouth. Caramel is just such a delectable combination of sugary-sweet and milky-creme that you can't help but love it. And it's so versatile and such a pleasure to work with and create a dessert around.

I decided that for this SHF I would rework and old favourite - the banoffee tart and make it into a new favourite for sure. Adding more depth to each component and stretching the caramel theme throughout. I really enjoyed this little challenge this month and ended up with a wonderful new creation for dessert - chocolate, caramelized banana & caramel tarts. Thanks so much to Debbie for coming up with such a fantastic theme/ingredient!


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