Sugar High Fridays

What the heck is a Sugar High Friday? That’s easy. It’s your best excuse to make something sweet and different, at least once a month. And to do it with tons of other people from around the world. It occurs during the last week of every month, entries due on the Monday and the round-up posted on the Friday (the Sugar High Friday that is!).

The rules and regulations – really, anything goes! Just make your favourite dessert that revolves around or highlights the specified ingredient or theme, which is always something different every month. An individual creation, a recipe you have always wanted to try but never have… an old standby that company loves and raves about every time you make it. Even a recipe you have already posted about before (as long as you post about it anew!); whatever tickles your imagination. Just make sure you stick to that month’s SHF theme, post your recipe by the specified deadline and email the host with a link to your SHF entry.

If you’d like to host SHF, please email me. But be prepared to make plans well in advance. As of right now, we are booking into the summer of 2011!

Here’s a listing of previous and upcoming SHF events and their hosts and themes. To fast-track to this month’s SHF introduction or round-up, hit the link on my main page. Happy SHF’ing!


SHF #76 (August, 2011) – Rice, by Rose of Magpies Recipes. Theme: Desserts with Rice

SHF #77 (September, 2011) – Sweet Heat, by Rachel of Vampituity. Theme: Spicy Desserts


SHF #75 – No-Bake Treats, by Alex of Yums and Loves. Theme: Desserts without Baking!

SHF #74 – Sprinkles, by Liz of Little Bitty Bakes. Theme: Desserts with Sprinkles

SHF #73 – Grain-Free, by Zoe of Z’s Cup of Tea. Theme: Baking without Grains

SHF #72 – Get Your Trifle On!, by Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice. Theme: Trifle

SHF #71 – Surprise!, by Heather of Souffle Days. Theme: Desserts with a Hidden Surprise

SHF #70 – Layer Cakes, by Allison of Zucchero Dolce. Theme: Layer Cakes

SHF #69 – Bite-Sized Desserts, by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen. Theme: Small-Serving Desserts

SHF #68 – Browned Butter, by Elissa of 17 and Baking. Theme: Desserts using Browned Butter

SHF #67 – Bar None, by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook. Theme: Bar Cookies.

SHF #66 – Sweet without the Wheat, by Fran of Climbin’ the Walls. Theme: Desserts without wheat.

SHF #65 – Personal Feats, by Rachel of Vampituity. Theme: Dessert disasters, revisited.

SHF #64 – March Madness, by Beth of The (ex)Expatriate’s Kitchen. Theme: Lucky, green, post-game, or spring-themed desserts.

SHF #63 – Your Tenderest Twosome, by Jennifer of Domestic Goddess. Theme: Dessert to Pair with Wine.

SHF #62 – Sweet Comforts, by Kate of A Merrier World. Theme: Desserts You Turn to for Comfort.

SHF #61 – Holiday Treats, by Nic of Cherrapeno. Theme: Your Favourite Holiday Desserts.

SHF #60 – Toasted, by Rivka of Not Derby Pie. Theme: Desserts Made with Toasted Ingredients.

SHF #59 – Locavore Treats, by Candice of Mmm, Tasty!. Theme: Desserts Made with Local Products.

SHF #58 – Vegetable Surprise!, by Beth of The Expatriate’s Kitchen. Theme: Desserts Made with Vegetables.

SHF #57 – All-Time Favourites, by Nicole of Sweet Tooth. Theme: Desserts You Can’t Live Without.

SHF #56 – Fruit & Nut, by Mansi of Fun & Food Blog. Theme: Desserts with Fruit & Nuts.

SHF #55 – Sweet Without the Wheat, by Fran of Climbin’ the Walls. Theme: Desserts without Wheat.

SHF #54 – Take Me Away, by Heather of Diary of a Fanatic Foodie. Theme: Favourite Destination Desserts.

SHF #53 – The Test of Time, by Heather of Diary of a Fanatic Foodie. Theme: Desserts Over a Century Old.

SHF #52 – Copy Cat, by Marija of Palachinka Blog. Theme: Making Store-Bought Favourites.

SHF #51 – Childhood Delights, by Rachel of Vampituity. Theme: Desserts from your Childhood.

SHF #50 – Rolled Cakes, by Manuela of Baking History. Theme: Rolled Cakes.

SHF #49 – All that Glitters, by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook. Theme: Desserts that sparkle.

SHF #48 – Time to Spice Up Your Life Part One, and Two by Anita of Dessert First. Theme: Spiced desserts.

SHF #47 – Cupcakes: The Final Chapter, Part Un et Deux, by Fanny of Foodbeam. Theme: Cupcakes

SHF #46 – Meringue, by Melissa of One Messy Kitchen. Theme:Desserts made with Meringue

SHF #45 – Berries, by Susan of Foodblogga. Theme:Desserts made with Berries

SHF #44 – Mmm… Canada, by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess. Theme: Canadian-Inspired Desserts

SHF #43 – Citrus, by Helen of Tartelette. Theme: Desserts with Citrus

SHF #42 – Asian Sweet Invasion, by Amrita of La Petite Boulangette. Theme: Sweets with an Asian Twist

SHF #41 – Sweet Gifts, by Danielle of Habeas Brulee. Theme: Desserts you want to make as gifts.

SHF #40 – Pies that Evoke Your Dreams, by Rachel of Vampituity. Theme: Pies & Tarts

SHF #39 – Baking with Candy, by Dani of Candy Recapper. Theme: Baking with Candy.

SHF #38 – The Proof is in the Pudding!, by Zorra of Kochtopf. Theme: Puddings.

SHF #37 – Beta Carotene Harvest, by Leslie of Definitely Not Martha. Theme: Desserts with Gourds/Root Vegetables.

SHF #36 – Drunken Apples, hosted by Andrew of Spittoon. Theme: Apples with Alcohol.

SHF #35 – The Beautiful Fig, hosted by Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice. Theme: Figs – Fresh or Dried.

SHF #34 – Going Local! with Johanna of The Passionate Cook. Theme: Recreate a Favourite Local Specialty.

SHF #33 – Tropical Paradise, hosted by Mary of Alpineberry. Theme: Desserts that are Sweet/Tropical.

SHF #32 – The Sweetest Thing – I and II, hosted by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess. Theme: Desserts You Crave.

SHF #31 – Tasting the Many Shades of White, hosted by Tara of Seven Spoons. Theme: Desserts in shades of white.

SHF #30 – Flower Power, hosted by Monisha of Coconut Chutney. Theme: Desserts using flowers or floral extracts.

SHF #29 – Raw Chocolate, hosted by Emily of Chocolate in Context. Theme: Desserts with Unrefined Chocolate.

SHF #28 – Sweet Seduction, hosted by Jasmine of Confessions of a Cardamom Addict. Theme: Seductive Desserts.

SHF #27 – Chocolate By Brand, hosted by David of …Living the Sweet Life in Paris. Theme: Your Favourite Chocolate.

SHF #26 – Sugar Art, hosted by Danielle of Habeas Brulee. Theme: Sugar Art.

SHF #25 – And God Created Chocolate Truffles, hosted by Johanna of The Passionate Cook. Theme: Truffles.

SHF #24 – Little Bites of Delight, hosted by Jeanne of Cook Sister!. Theme: Petits Fours.

SHF #23 – Surprise Inside, hosted by Alanna of A Veggie Venture. Theme: Filled/Surprise Ingredient Desserts.

SHF #22 – Can You Can?, hosted by Nicky and Oliver of Delicious Days. Theme: Jams and Preserves.

SHF #21 – Ice Ice Baby, hosted by Sarah of The Delicious Life. Theme: Chilled Desserts.

SHF #20 – The Joy of Soy, hosted by Reid of ‘Ono Kine Grindz. Theme: Soy.

SHF #19 – Ginger it Up, hosted by Ruth of Once Upon Feast. Theme: Ginger.

SHF #18 – Drunk Tank, hosted by Chandra of Lick The Spoon. Theme: Desserts with Alcohol.

SHF #17 – Dairy, hosted by Andrew of Spittoon. Theme: Dairy.

SHF #16 – Recipe for Love, hosted by Taste Everything Once. (Defunct Blog) Theme: Aphrodisiacal Desserts.

SHF #15 – Low is the New High, hosted by Sam of Becks & Posh. Theme: Low-Fat & Low-Sugar Desserts.

SHF #14 – A Holiday Cookie Swap!, hosted jointly by Jennifer and Alberto. Theme: Cookies.

SHF #13 – The Dark Side, hosted by Kelli of Lovescool. Theme: Dark Chocolate.

SHF #12 – Cooking Up Custard, hosted by Elise of Simply Recipes. Theme: Custard.

SHF #11 – A Handful (or two) of Coffee Beans, hosted by Ronald of LoveSicily. Theme: Coffee.

SHF #10 – Oh Honey, You Shouldn’t Have, hosted by Nic of Bakingsheet. Theme: Honey.

SHF #9 – Tantalizing Titillating Tarts, hosted by Jarrett of Life In Flow/Food Porn Watch. Theme: Pies & Tarts.

SHF #8 – Pucker Up with Citrus! hosted by Alice of My Adventures in the Breadbox (Defunct Blog). Theme: Citrus.

SHF #7 – Black & Sticky, hosted by Derrick of An Obsession with Food. Theme: Molasses.

SHF #6 – Stuck on You, hosted by Debbie of Words to Eat By. Theme: Caramel.

SHF #5 – Layers and Layers, hosted by Clement of A la Cuisine! Theme: Puff Pastry.

SHF #4 – Let’s Go Nuts, hosted by Viv of Seattle Bon Vivant. Theme: Nuts.

SHF #3 – Spice Up Your Winter, hosted by Zarah Maria of Food & Thoughts. Theme: Nutmeg, Cardamom & Allspice.

SHF #2 – Apples! hosted by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess. Theme: Apples.

SHF #1 – White Chocolate! hosted by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess. Theme: White Chocolate.