My Coffee Addiction (and a contest!)

My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to coffee…

For me coffee has always represented a rare species of mysterious devotion. When I was young I was not allowed to drink this bitter, warm beverage that the adults in my life sipped after dinner or with breakfast as though it were the nectar of the Gods. I recall at quite a young age, my grandfather making me toast sticks (toast with peanut butter, cut into narrow sticks that somehow tasted so much better than regular-shaped toast with peanut butter) at the breakfast table in his kitchen; him sipping coffee and me sitting right up close to him, sniffing his coffee and wanting, more than anything, to be granted just one taste. Now, every morning starts for me with this lovely, supple, brunette cup of bitter yet sweet: searing yet calming; beverage yet feast; that I was finally able to taste for myself in my teenage years. There were times since when I gave up coffee; when my blood pressure was sky-rocketing or when I was so sick or so very pregnant that the mere idea of drinking something that stimulating and flavoursome was simply unbearable. Those times, thank goodness, never lasted long and I haven’t yet had to swear off this beverage for an extended period of time.

Speaking of it, I think I might indulge in a cup right now. What will it be?

Coffee? Decaf? Cappuccino? Espresso?, Latte? There are just so many options. That is one of the beauties of this drink, it can appeal to so many people in its almost infinite varieties. And that is what is so great about having a Tassimo in my kitchen. I can make coffee or tea or hot chocolate exactly the way I want it, when I want it.

And now YOU too can have one in YOUR kitchen! From now (Monday, January 10th) until Friday, January 14th I will be gathering entries. How can you enter? There are a few ways:

1) Send me an email Jennifer [at] domesticgoddes [dot] ca
2) Follow me on Twitter: @Jenngoddess (and send me a quick tweet)
3) Retweet my Tweet about this contest
4) Read and comment on any of my Mummy Eats articles on The Yummy Mummy Club site

You can do all of these once per day only, but that gives you up to four chances, per day, between now and Friday (that’s a lot of chances) to win yourself a brand new Tassimo.

**This contest is open to readers living in the United States and Canada only**

DISCLAIMER: I received the brewer and product for review at no cost and all opinions are my own.