Sweet Surrender

I’ve never really been a sweets person, I’m actually more addicted to carbs to be perfectly honest. Breads and pastas are my weakness and what I turn to when I need something comforting, or something quick, or even something unnecessary (which is probably a bad thing… but I’m not going to analyze it right now.)

BUT, it’s not as though I always pass up a cookie or a piece of cake, a scone or a chocolate treat. It’s just that I don’t crave sugar the way other people do. I like it, I appreciate it’s place in society, but I don’t have to have it next to me or in my desk drawer, or in my hand all the time.

Another BUT… I do like to bake. I like to make sweet treats so much more than making savoury dishes. I love the smell of the sweet cake or pastry baking, the way dough can go from soft to crispy in the oven and come out all sugary and delicious and tempting. I love the look people get in their eye when you tell them you baked it yourself, or better yet, when you tell them you baked it for them. That makes me all ooey-gooey inside (maybe because I feel that way I don’t need chocolate or a slice of cake to make me feel that way.)

So when I want to make myself feel better, perk myself up a bit or make someone else feel comforted or taken care of, I bake. I sprinkle a little sugar, I pour a little honey and I make magic.

This week, that magic came in the form of a pan of crispy, sweet, nutty, buttery, extremely decadent baklava.

Recipe: Baklava