Having a child in daycare is absolute torture.

Leith is coming home on a daily basis knowing new things, having learned new words, acting more independent and – I swear – having grown a good inch taller. He loves it but I’m having a hard time tolerating it.

Not that I want the learning and the autonomy (and the growing) to stop – I don’t. The one thing I would like to stop is the constant flow of colds he has been trekking into our house. Everyone warned me that having a two year old in daycare was going to mean having someone in my house with a constantly runny nose, but no one explained that that nose might just end up being my own.

I have spent the last two weeks attempting to cough up a lung with the latest "cold" and even succumbed to asking my doctor to order a chest x-ray the other day just to make sure I wasn’t harboring a wayward case of pneumonia within my chest.

So please excuse my absence – I was away from the blog and the kitchen, these last few weeks. Last night I finally was able to keep myself from coughing for the time it took to cook dinner, and through a cold medicine-induced haze somehow managed to turn out the perfect meal. Soup is always good for whatever might be ailing you, and this soup in particular was exactly what my raw, sore throat and aching rumbling chest required.