Slurping My Way to Warmth

Posted on Feb 11, 2008

It is too cold out there for us these days. We spent the weekend hibernating with the furnace turned up and our slippers on. The snow is piled up in big huge mountains on either side of the sidewalks, the SUV (even with its automatic 4-wheel drive) is spinning its wheels on the icy roads and all of our windows are covered in beautiful but icy cold frost “art work”.

I know I should be used to cold Canadian winters by now but this year seems to be worse than usual. I’m cold all the time unless I’m wearing eight sweaters, two pairs of socks and ear muffs (inside!) and this winter the weather just seems to be harsher than last year. Is it just me that feels this way or are you feeling the chill as well?

Leith and I haven’t been able to get out much either because the sidewalks are so icy and treacherous. We can’t walk one block with the stroller without having to clamber over a pile of snow or a bad patch of ice. And forget trying to cross the street at the corner most of the time, since that seems to be where people pile their sidewalk snow and the plows pile the street snow.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to spring. Not just for the warmer weather but for the ability to get out and explore the city again. I’m itching to take a walk along Queen Street East and pop into all the new stores and cafes that have opened up near us over the last year. It will be a lovely spring this year I think…full of good food, lots of walking with Leith and some time spent not shivering in my living room, covered in blankets and sweaters all the time.

This soup kept me warm on Saturday night while the wind howled outside and the windows shook with it. I slurped my way to warmth as did S. and Leith.